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Torrent Video Player - TVP Free is an application that lets you stream torrent files, so you can play a movie without having to download it. You just have to find and download the torrent you want to stream by using the tracker or your favorite web browser, and then add it onto the app. Naturally, you can also use a magnet link to load the torrent directly.

In the settings in Torrent Video Player - TVP Free you can select the aspect ratio for the movies that you want to play. You can also change the subtitle coding, adjust brightness and contrast, and even pause the video automatically when you take off your headphones.

Torrent Video Player - TVP Free is based on technology from the famous VLC video player, which is really great. The result is obviously good, and you can watch any movie with this application. The only problem is that there are other applications, like Popcorn Time, that offer a very similar service, but with even better results.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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